Study in UK:-
UK is second most popular destinations for Indian students. Combination of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales offer a truly amazing range of reputed and respected universities like the traditional Cambridge & Oxford universities to modern ones like Cranfield University and University of Derby. The country also offers a wide range of courses in MBA, Engineering and Media fields for Study in UK for Indian students with and without IELTS and TOEFL.


Cost of Study and Living in UK

Why Study in UK:-

The cultural diversity of the country offers students a new study/work atmosphere. The courses offered have shorter terms which, compared to other popular countries, mean less tuition and other fees. The part time working options for the students offer them a chance to manage their expenses.


Why Study in UK

Student Visa:-

If you intend to apply for student visa then you can do so three months in advance. Most of the time, the students need Tier 4 (general) student Visa. There are also other types of visa such as Prospective student visa (which allows you to stay in UK, decide and plan for a course), Student visitor (for those courses which are having duration of less than 6 months).


Student Visa Requirements for Study in UK


There are various scholarships offered by Government of UK as well as private colleges to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Commonwealth Scholarships, British Chevening Scholarships are some of the Government scholarships.


 Scholarships for Studying in UK                                                           Top Universities in UK



Following is the list of Top Universities in UK 2018:

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge Key Information:

•Informally known: Cambridge University
•Nickname: Cantab
•Established: 1202

Imperial College London

Imperial College of London Key Information:-

•Formally known:  The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
•Also known as: Imperial Co

University College London

University College London Key Information:-

Formally known:  University College London (UCL)
•Also known as: London University (1836)

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Edinburgh
•Established: 1583

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Glasgow
•Established: 1451
•Motto: Via, Veritas, Vita (LATIN) &quo

London School of Economics and Political Science LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science London Key Information:-

•Informally known: London School of Economics
•Established: 1895

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Manchester (UOM)
•Established: 1824 as (UMIST)
•Motto: Cogn

University of Leeds

University of Leeds Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Leeds
•Established: 1904 - University of Leeds/1887 - gained University Status as

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Nottingham
•Established: (1881)  University status awarded in 1948<

Kings College London

King's College London Key Information:-

•Informally known: Kings College
•Established: 1829
•Motto: Sancte et Sapienter (LATIN) "w

University of Warwick Coventry

The University of Warwick Coventry Key Information:-

•Informally known: Warwick University or Warwick
•Established: 1965
•Motto: Mens agita

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne Key Information:-

•Informally known: Newcastle University
•Established: 1834 – School of Medicine and Su

Durham University

Durham University Key Information:-

•Informally known: Durham University
•Established: 1832
•Motto: Fundamenta eius super montibus sanctis

University of York

The University of York Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of York
•Established: 1963
•Motto: In limine sapientiae (LATIN) &quo

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Leicester
•Established: 1957 - gained University Status by Royal Charter/

The University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Liverpool
•Established: 1881
•Motto: "These days of peace f

Queens University Belfast

Queen's University Belfast Key Information:-

•Informally known: Queen's University Belfast
•Established: 1908

University of Surrey

University of Surrey Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Surrey
•Established: September 9, 1966

University of Bath

University of Bath Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Bath
•Established: 1966
•Motto: Generatim discite cultus (LATIN)"

University of Strathclyde Glasgow

University of Strathclyde Glasgow Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Strathclyde
•Established: 1796
•Motto: "The Place

University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of St Andrews
•Established: 1410-13

The University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Aberdeen
•Established: 1495
•Motto: Initium sapientiae timor domi

University of Dundee

University of Dundee Key Information:-

•Informally known: Dundee University
•Established: 1881
•Motto: Magnificat anima mea dominum (LATIN)

University of Bristol

University of Bristol Key Information:-

Informally known: University of Bristol
•Established: 1876/    1909 (by Royal charter)

City University London

City University London Key Information:-

•Informally known: City University
•Established: 1894 as the Northampton Institute and became a City University