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Below you will find Cost of Study in USA, Living Costs in USA, Tuition fees for Studying in USA for International Students. The very first thing that comes to the mind of all the students who aspire to study in the US is the cost of studying. The country is home to some of the world best universities and colleges of all kinds and is aptly called as the land of opportunities. Well, highlighting all the major expenses, the following article will be highly beneficial to all the students. However, the candidates should note that the course fees and other commodities’ prices may get inflated or deflated. Hence, keep a margin for all of them.

Cost of Study and Living in USA – The key components:

• Application Costs
• Living Expenses
• Tuition Fees
• Other Costs

Application Costs:-

• These costs are incurred by the candidates prior they travel to the US. These costs will amount to around $200 (US) and comprise of the application form price, courier charges and the reporting fees charged by the agencies conducting the English Proficiency Tests such as TOEFL etc.
• These costs will also vary from course to course.

Living Expenses:

• These will be the costs you will have to bear to live in the US. From house rents to the food, bills and transportation etc.
• (Public Colleges) 2 year course: US $7700
• (Public Colleges) 4 year course (in state fee): US $9800
• (Public Colleges) 4 year course (out of state fee): US $9850
• Private, Non-Profit Colleges (4 year course): US $12000

Tuition Fees:-

• These will be the fee for the various course which will vary course wise and college wise.
• Community College: US $8000 to US $12000
• Public College: US $10000 to US $20000
• Private College: US $15000 to US$30000

Other Costs:

• These costs will comprise of the gas or electricity charges, outings, leisure, internet and air fares etc.
• These costs amount to an average of the US $500 to US $2000 per year per person.

Please confirm these and other Costs of Study and Living in USA from the official brochures and internal student offices before planning the budget.


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This college offers BE Electronics and Communication Engineering course which is a 4 year course.

BE Computer Science & Engineering is a 4 year course offered by Jerusalem College of Engineering.