Baba Ghulam Shah Badhshah University B Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering



    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-101 Communication Skills
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-102 Mathematics I
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-103 Applied Physics
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-104 Basic Electronics
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-105 Computer Fundamentals
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-106 Electrical Science

    Lab Courses

    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-111 Applied Physics
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-112 Computer Fundamentals
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-113 Basic Electronics/Electrical Sciences
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-114 Language


    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-201 Communication Skills & Personality Dev.
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-202 Mathematics -II
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-203 Engineering Graphics
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-204 C & Data Structures ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE- 205 Environmental Sciences
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-206 Digital Electronics

    Lab Courses

    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-211 Digital Electronics
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-212 C & Data Structures
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-213 Workshop Practice
    ECE/CSE/ITE/EREE/CE-214 Auto Cad


    ECE-301 Mathematics -III
    ECE-302 Signals & Systems
    ECE-303 Network Analysis & Synthesis
    ECE-304 Advanced Electronic Circuits
    ECE-305 Electronic Engineering Materials
    ECE-306 Electromagnetic Wave Theory

    Lab Courses

    ECE-311 Networks Analysis & Synthesis
    ECE-312 Advanced Electronic Circuits
    ECE-313 Signals & System

Semester IV

    ECE-401 Mathematics -IV
    ECE-402 Antenna and Wave Propagation
    ECE-403 Linear Integrated Circuits
    ECE-404 Analog Communication Systems
    ECE-405 Solid State Electronic Devices
    ECE-406 Electrical & Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation

    Lab Courses

    ECE-411 Electrical & Electronic Measurement Instrumentation
    ECE-412 Linear Integrated Circuits
    ECE-413 Analog Communication System


    ECE-501 Microprocessors & Interfacing
    ECE-502 Data Communication & Computer Networks
    ECE-503 Digital Communication Systems
    ECE-504 Power Electronics & Application
    ECE-505 Computer Organization & Architecture
    ECE-506 Linear Control Systems

    Lab Courses

    ECE-511 Microprocessors & Interfacing
    ECE-512 Digital Communication System
    ECE-513 Power Electronics & Control Systems


    ECE-601 Mobile & Wireless Communications
    ECE-602 Industrial Electronics
    ECE-603 Digital Signal Processing
    ECE-604 Advanced Microprocessors & Micro Controllers
    ECE-605 Pulse & Digital Circuits
    ECE-606 Audio & Video Engineering

    Lab Courses

    ECE-611 PCB Design & Industrial Electronics
    ECE-612 Advanced Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
    ECE-613 Digital Signal Processing


    Course Code & Course Title

    ECE-701 Entrepreneurship Development & Management
    ECE-702 Random Processes & Information Theory
    ECE-703 Optical Communication
    ECE-704 Microwave Engineering

    Elective I (Any one of the following)

    ECE-EL11 Biomedical Instrumentation
    ECE-EL12 VLSI Design
    ECE-EL13 Fundamentals of HDL
    ECE-EL14 Television Engineering

    Elective II (Any one of the following)

    ECE-EL21 Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
    ECE-EL22 Wavelet Theory
    ECE-EL23 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
    ECE-EL24 Advanced Electronics Design

    Lab Courses

    ECE-711 Microwave Engineering & Optical Communication Lab
    ECE-712 Seminar (2 Seminars per student)
    ECE-713 Industrial Training


    Course Code & Course Title

    ECE-801 Project Work & Viva Voce

    Elective III (Any one of the following

    ECE-EL31 Numerical Techniques using C Programming
    ECE-EL32 Object Oriented Programming
    ECE-EL33 Matlab Programming
    ECE-EL34 Secure Message Communication

    Elective IV (Any one of the following)

    ECE-EL41 Satellite Communication
    ECE-EL42 Radar Engineering
    ECE-EL43 Non-Conventional Energy Sources
    ECE-EL44 Embedded System Design

About Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University

Located in the serene, eco-friendly and pollution free ambience of Rajouri, Jammu Kashmir Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University is a government universityAcknowledged by the University Grants Commission (UGC)