Gujarat University BEd

1. He/She must be a graduate of Gujarat University or any other University recognized as equivalent for the purpose. He/She must have passed the bachelor degree as a regular student or as a student of distance education at least in the 10 + 2 + 3 or 11 + 4 pattern.
2. He/She must have obtained at-least 50% marks at graduation or at post graduation in relevant subject. Candidate belonging to scheduled cast/ Scheduled tribe must have obtained at least 45% marks at graduation or at the post graduate level.
3. If a candidate is a graduate, he/she should have graduated with one of the secondary school subjects as a major subject and if he/she has a master’s degree, he/she should have offered any one of the higher secondary school subjects as a major subject. If a student has offered subjects such as Psychology, Commerce (B.Com.) at graduation level and Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, Subject Administration, Archaeology, Musicology, Home Science, Persian etc., at graduation as well as postgraduation levels, he/she is not considered to be eligible for admission to the B.Ed.
Programme. The subjects offered by the students at the graduation and post graduation levels will form the basis for the selection of one/both method/methods at B.Ed. level.
4. He/she must have offered English as one of the subjects at the higher Secondary/College or University level.
A candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) must have …
(i) kept two Semesters (the First Semester and the Second Semester) of lectures on the
theory and practice of education in College affiliated to the Gujarat University for
the purpose of the B. Ed. Degree, and
(ii) completed a course of practical work extending over two Semesters to the
satisfaction of the Head of the College in which the candidate is studying, consisting
(a) Teaching practice of not less than 15 lessons (5 micro + 5 simulation + 5 stray
lessons) for first Semester and 15 lessons (5 Stray lesson + 10 Block lessons) in
second semester with the other 10 lesson of internship programme in the two
subjects selected by him/her, distributed over Standards V to XII of the
recognized Primary/ secondary/ higher secondary schools.
(b) Observed 50 directed lessons (25 in first semester and 25 in second semester)
given by other candidates and demonstration lessons.
(c) Attended the demonstration and discussion lessons.
(d) Attended lectures and guidance for the discussion of theory courses, and
(e) Completed practical work related to theory portion.

About Gujarat University

Gujarat University is a UGC recognized state level university GU is a classified officiating university for under-graduate studies and teaching university for post-graduate studies