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Below you will find Cost of Study in Singapore, Living Costs in Singapore, Tuition fees for Studying in Singapore for International Students. The Cost of Studying and Living in Singapore is much low as compared to other Asian Cities. The average expense of the students in study and living both will depend upon their choices of Institution, Location and Standard of Living etc. We are providing the detailed information regarding the cost of Living and Studying in the estimated manner as provided by the reports and surveys which will assist the students in choosing the right Institution and the Location as per the Expenditure.

Cost of Living in Singapore:-

• Utilities Cost: $80 SGD to $100 SGD
• Food Cost: $300 SGD to $450 SGD (approx. $10-$15 a day)
• Public Transport Cost: $ 20 GSD to $150 GSD
• Telecommunication Cost: $30 GSD to $500 GSD (depending upon the plan)
• Stationary Cost: $30 GSD to $100 GSD
• Personal Expenses: $100 GSD to $300 GSD (Clothes, Haircut, and Miscellaneous)

Taking together the Cost of Living in Singapore, the average cost will fall between $750 GSD to $2,000 GSD and it will mainly depend upon the Lifestyle and Standard of living of the Students.

Cost of Studying in Singapore:-

As the Cost of Studying in Singapore will vary depending upon the Student’s choice of the Institution so the candidates must study the Academic Brochure before taking the Admission in the particular institution. The Cost of the Under Graduate Courses will be approx. 12-20 Lakhs per year and the cost of the Post Graduate Courses will be approx. 12-18 Lakhs per year for the Indian Students. The average cost of studying in Singapore is:

• 6-months to 2 years Diploma Course Cost: $5,000 GSD to $20,000 GSD
• 2 years to 4 years Bachelor Degree Course Cost: $24, 000 GSD to $55, 000 GSD
• 1 year to 1.5 year Master Degree Course Cost: $18, 500 GSD to $30,000 GSD

This is the brief Analysis of the Cost of Living and Studying in Singapore and this Analysis will be updated further as per the Information Brochure released by the different Universities in Singapore and other Financial Institutions.


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