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Below you will find Why Study in Germany, Why Study Abroad in Germany? Germany is an attractive and the most popular destination for the international students in the world. German Universities have quite a good network with other Universities all over the world. Also, the German institutions enjoy an excellent reputation in the world. These institutions also provide an incentive for innovation and progress admired at both the national and international level. Some of the best reasons are illustrated here which makes the Germany a perfect choice for you.

Why Study in Germany – A detailed vision:

• Top Class degree:

German education system imparts the best quality education to the students. Germany is popular worldwide for its quality and, therefore, German education is highly preferred by employers around the world.

• Wide or Diverse range of study opportunities:

German education system has almost 450 states – accredited universities with almost 17, 500 degree programs. Here, the education system offers a degree in every possible subject and academic level i.e. bachelor, master and doctoral.

• Affordable living expenses:

This is one of the most powerful reasons for studying in Germany. Compared with other European countries, the living and other related costs in the Germany are quite reasonable. There are also vast numbers of concessions available for the students. If you have a student ID then you can get the concession in theaters, opera houses, museums etc.

• Many Scholarship programs:

The DAAD i.e. the German Academic exchange service is one of the largest scholarships organizations in the world which confers countless scholarship programs regardless the country, subject, and status.

• Safe country:

Another best reason to study in Germany is its safe and secure environment. Germany is a safe country also on an international scale. You can move freely in day or night without taking any precautions and also the German police are highly reliable.

• Language which can open many doors:

This is quite interesting to know that the German language is one of the ten most spoken languages of the world. Knowing the German language looks great on the resume and adds the quality. About 185 million people worldwide speak German. This language raises the future opportunity for the students.

These are the compiled reasons which make Germany as a right choice and hope this post helps in taking the right decision.


Student Visa Requirements for Study in Germany

Admission Requirements for Study in Germany                Cost for Studying and Living in Germany

Scholarships for Studying in Germany                              Top Universities in Germany

Abhijit Kadam Institute of Management and Social Sciences offers Masters of Business Administration which is a two years post graduate course approved by AICTE.

Academy of Business and Engineering Sciences provides Master of Computer Application which is a 3 years post graduate course and is approved by AICTE with an intake capacity of 60 seats.


It is a three years full time undergraduate course which is approved by AICTE and divided in six semesters.

The institute offers BCA Bachelor in Computer Application which is a three years under graduate course approved by AICTE and recognized by Govt.

Acharya Institute of Technology offers B E in Aeronautical Engineering which is a four years under graduate course approved by AICTE.

The institute offers B.

Master's in Landscape Design is a three year programme which is offered by the institute.

The five year undergraduate program in Planning was started in 2011 which is provided by Center for Environmental Planning and Technology.

It is a 4 year full time programme with a 6 monts compulsory internship and the curriculum is grouped into 5 terms as given below :

It is a five year duration programme which is proffred by the Faculty of Law Allahabad University.