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For admission to the Ph.D. programme in a related subject in the faculty, applicants fulfilling the following criteria shall be treated as eligible:
a. Persons having passed Post Graduate Degree (Masters Degree) Examination with at least 50% marks or equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA).
Persons having passed Post-Graduate Degree (Masters Degree) Examination Law Faculty with at least 55%.
5% relaxation for reserve category students of Maharashtra State only.
b. Persons working in National Laboratories- Institutes/Government/ Private Organization nominated/sponsored by the respective employer. These persons should have a Post Graduate Degree(Masters Degree) and holding rank of Assistant Director / or above.

Above-mentioned rules will also be applicable to the foreign candidates who have obtained a Masters Degree from the statutory Indian Universities.
c.     Persons with exceptional abilities passed Graduate Degree Examination with 50% of marks and with 15 years experience after graduation in related fields.
d.  The fellow members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and / or Institute of Cost and Works Accountants and / or Institute of Chartered Company Secretaries of India shall be held eligible for registration for Ph.D. in the subject in the concerned Board of Studies in the faculty of Commerce provided that they possess a Bachelor's Degree of any statutory University. Such candidate should have at least 5 years professional experience.
e. A Graduate in any faculty who has developed important new techniques (new for the country) or designed and fabricated special instruments or apparatus which are deemed by competent judge, who shall be the fellow member of the relevant National Professional Body, to be a valuable contributions to engineering/Pharmacy may be permitted by the Research and Recognition Committee of concerned faculty on the recommendation of the appropriate Board or Boards of Studies to submit his thesis for the Ph.D. Degree in that faculty. Such a candidates must have at least five years standing as a Bachelor of concerned faculty.
f.  Application for research in inter-disciplinary areas and from applicants belonging to a faculty or subject other than the faculty or subject in which the research is proposed to be done and from the international candidates (those who have not obtained the Master’s degree from Indian Universities) shall be considered on the basis of the proven ability and aptitude of the researcher for such kind of research. Such proposal shall be examined by the Guide and the Head, Place of research before giving provisional admission. The admission will be confirmed after the Research and Recognition Committee/s concerned, approves the topic. Detailed procedure for admission should be evolved by the concerned faculty. 5 years work experience in related field is necessary for such candidates (except Commerce and Management Faculties in their related interdisciplinary admissions).
g. Admission criteria for foreign candidates (those who have not obtained Master’s degree from Indian Universities) will be 50% marks or equivalent GPA.

Admission Process:-

i. An eligible applicant seeking admission to the Ph.D. programme shall apply to the Registrar, University of Pune in the prescribed application form.(Appendix-A) along with the registration fees as may be prescribed from time to time.
ii. The applicant shall submit along with the application eight copies of his/her Ph.D. proposal as per the guidelines (Appendix-B) to the place of research.
iii. An eligible applicant shall be required to make a brief presentation at the place of research before a Committee constituted as under:
1) Research Centre HOD/Principal/Director
2) Guide
3) 2 experts (research recognized guides in the concerned subject), one from outside the Department/Research Centre/Institute. The presentation will be arranged by the Head, place of research on a date suggested by the Research Guide. After satisfactory presentation, the committee will prepare a report on the basis of the presentation. In case of any suggestions given by the committee for improvement of topic, the candidate shall make changes accordingly and present the topic again before
the said committee within 3 months of the earlier presentation. After successful presentation, the proposal shall be sent by the Head within one month from the date of presentation to the university office (Ph.D. Section) to be placed before the Research and Recognition Committee. In case of any dispute/problem, Dean of the concerned Faculty shall take appropriate decision. In case where Head of place of research is Dean of concerned faculty, Vice- Chancellor will take appropriate decision.
iv. If the presentation is unsatisfactory, the proposal shall be rejected and the applicant shall be required to submit a fresh proposal and make a presentation again after a gap of three months and before six months from the date of earlier presentation.
v. The Research and Recognition Committee shall consider approval of the topic of research and appoint, in case ofinter-disciplinary subjects, co-guide/s recognized by this or, in special circumstances, by any other recognized University.
vi. The date of provisional admission shall be the date of registration which shall be valid for five years. Extension up to a maximum period of two years shall be given by the Research and Recognition Committee/s concerned only if considerable work has been done by the candidate. The candidate concerned must submit the application for extension through his guide and the Head, place of research, three months before the expiry of the registration period. Further extension of one year will be given on the recommendation of concerned Dean by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor.
vii. If the candidate desires, he/she can partially modify the title and the proposed plan of the research, the concemed Research & Recognition Committee shall approve such changes on the recommendation of the guide, the Head of the place of research.
viii. As per the provision in Ordinance No. I16, registered candidates shall not be allowed to register simultaneously for any other degree course.
ix. The admission will be confirmed (Appendix-D) after the Research and Recognition Committee approves the topic. The Head of Research Centre shall admit the candidates as per the rules and regulations of University of Pune.

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