shivaji university MA Economics


Part -I

Group - C- (compulsory) (two papers from Group -C)
paper-I MicroEconomics Analysis
Paper II Quantitative Methods Or
Paper III Economics of Growth and Development


Group C-1 -(optional) Any Two Papers from Group C-1 of the following Or ANY ONE paper from group C-1 and any one paper from Group  C-2 (IDS) of the following

Paper-VII: Resource Economics
Paper-VII: Economics of Environment
Paper-IX: Principles and Practice of Co-operation
Paper-X: Indian Economic Policy
Paper-XI: Industrial Economics
Paper-XII: Agricultural Economics
Paper-XIII: Financial Institutions and Markets
Paper-XIV: Welfare Economics
Paper-XV: International Trade and Finance
Paper-XVI: Economics of Money and Banking

Group C-2 IDS (Any one)

Paper XVII : Health Economics
PaperXVIII : mathematical Economics
PaperXIX  : Demography

Part- 2

Group C (compulsory) (Two Papers from Group- C)

Paper IV Macro Economics
Paper V Public Economics Or
Paper VI History of mordern Economics Analysis: Contribution of Nobel Leuretes in Economics

Group  C- 1 (Optional) : Any two from group C- 1 of the following orany one from Group C-1 and any one from Group C- 2 of the following

Paper XX : Economics of Insurance
Paper XXI : Labour of Economics
Paper XXII : Economics
Paper XXIII : Computer Applicationin Economics Analysis
Paper XXIV : Economics of Transport and Communication
Paper XXV : Agricultural Development in India
Paper XXVI : Regional Economics
Paper XXVIICo-operative Thoughts and Administration
Paper XXVIII : Economics of Social Sector and Environment
Paper XXIX : Computer Application in Economics

Group C-2: IDS (Any one)

Paper XXX : Economics and Law
Paper XXXI : Economics of Gender and Development
Paper XXXII : Urban Economics

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