Bengal Engineering and Science University Shibpur BE Computer Science and Engineering

The candidate should have passed 10+2 with minimum 50% marks who are applying for the course.

Duration :- 4 years

Eligibility:- 10+2


Semester I

Intro to Computing
Environment & Ecology
Engineering Drawing-I
Chemistry Lab.
Computing Practice
Engineering Drawing Practice-I
Additional Elective
NCC / Physical Training-I(for all the departments)

Semester – II

Physics English
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Drawing-II
Physics Lab
Workshop Practice
Engineering Mechanics Lab.
Basic Electronics Engg Lab
Engineering Drawing Practice-II
Additional Elective
NCC / Physical Training-II(for all the departments)

Semester – III

Mathematics IIIC
Electrical Machines and Applications
Elements of Mechanical Engg.
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Digital Logic
Data Structures and Algorithms
Electrical Machines & Applications Lab.
Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab.
Data Structures Algorithms Lab.
Digital Logic Lab.

Semester – IV

Probability & Statistics
Control & Instrumentation
Discrete Structures
Computer Organisation
Object Oriented Technology
Electronic Design Automation
Object Oriented Technology Lab.
Electronic Design Automation Lab.
Computer Organisation Lab.
Discrete Structures Lab.

Semester – V

Operating Systems
Computer Architecture
Microprocessor based System design
Design & Analysis of algorithm
Digital Communication
Operating Systems Lab.
Algorithm Lab.
Microprocessor based System design Lab.
Digital Communication Lab

Semester – VI

Economics & Accountancy
Principles of Management
Analysis, Design & Mgmt.of Info. Systems
Theory of Computation
Computer Networks
Database Management System (DBMS)
System Programming
Anal., Design & Mgmt.of Info. Systems Lab.
Database Management System Lab
Computer Networks Lab.
System Programming Lab.
Digital Systems Design Lab.
Viva Voce-I

Semester – VII

Name of the subject Subject Code
Professional values and ethics
Computer Graphics
Comp.Control of Industrial Processes
Compiler Design
VLSI Design
Elective I (Dept)
Elective II (Dept)
Computer Graphics Lab
Comp. Control of Industrial Process Lab
Compiler Design Lab
Project Preliminary / Thesis
Viva - Voce II

Semester – VIII

Management in Industries
Software Engineering
Symbolic Logic & Artificial Intelligence
Elective III (Non-Dept / Dept)
Elective IV
Symbolic Logic & Algorithm Lab
VLSI Lab CS852 0 0 3 50
Software Engineering Lab
Project / Thesis
Group Discussion / Seminar
Viva Voce-III

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