IIT Jodhpur Courses offered :

  • IIT Jodhpur BTech

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur offers the following Bachelor of Technology courses under undergraduate academic programmes. The duration of these courses is four years divided into eight sem...

  • MTech Energy

    Duration:- 2 years

  • MTech Information & Communication Technology

    Duration:- 2 years

  • MTech Systems Science

    Duration:- 2 years

  • PhD

    Postgraduate and Ph.D programmes are structured around Centres of Excellence (CoE) of the institute, the Centre of Excellence in Energy, in Information and Communication Technology, and in Systems Science...

About IIT Jodhpur
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur founded in 2008 represents a distinctive culture of engineering and science education along with other areas of scholarship and generates research to best fulfill ..