• Aptech ACCP Pro

  • ACCP Pro is a career program created to produce industry-ready professionals in the field of programming techniques and in-demand technologies.

    Duration:- ACCP Pro course is of above 20 months duration and depends upon specialization chosen and the number of sessions held per week. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day or 3/4/6 days a week.

    Fees :
  • Syllabus

    Course covers:-

    Semester 1

        Programming Principles & Techniques
        Programming with C
        Working with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
        XML Simplified
        Introduction to Cloud Computing
        Managing Data using SQL Server Databases
        OOP Concepts
        E-Project - HTML 5

    Semester 2A [Elective 1 - .NET]

        Programming with C#
        Developing Windows Store Apps using C#
        Developing Advanced Windows Store Apps using C#
        Data Structures using C
        Working with Cloud Computing
        Agile System Development Life Cycle for Software Projects
        Developing ASP .NET Web Applications
        Developing Applications using Windows Azure & Web Services
        Internet Security
        Developing ASP .NET AJAX Applications
        Developing Mobile Applications using Windows Phone
        Overviews of J2EE
        E-Project (Enterprise Application Development)

    Semester 2B [Elective 2 - JAVA]

        Managing Data using Oracle
        Fundamentals of Java
        Object Oriented Programming with Java
        Data Structure using C
        Distributed Computing in Java
        Database & Security in Java
        Web Component Development using Servlets and JSP
        Working with Cloud Computing
        Agile System Development Life Cycle for Software Projects
        Architecting Web Applications using JSF & Struts
        Developing AJAX Applications using Java
        Integrating XML with Java
        Developing Enterprise Applications with EJB
        Web Service in Java
        Internet Security
        Developing Mobile Application using Google Android
        E-Project (Enterprise Application Development)

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