Many professionals realize the importance of an MBA and how it can benefit their career. But sadly though, today’s hectic work schedule does not leave much time for further studies until one takes a break for it. But the main question is whether you need an online MBA or not. We find out by understanding this new age educational trend.

What is an online MBA?

It is a type of an MBA that can be pursued by a person without having to travel to actual place of teaching. It offers a person the luxury of studying at their own convenience. Gone are the days when one could do an MBA only through actual colleges and universities. The advancement in technology has now made it possible for us to pursue MBA from the comforts of our home and at our convenience.

There are some important factors that you should consider before deciding from which college you want to do your online MBA.

1. College reputation:-

So it is no surprise that many companies do look at the college from where you did your online MBA program. It goes without saying that a diploma from a reputed college is more valuable than a degree from a not so well-known college. Reputation definitely matter.

2. Accredited Course:-

Another important factor is that the course is recognized by official education authorities, otherwise it will not have much value even if done from a reputed college.

3. Fees:-

Fees is another important aspect that you must consider before deciding to pursue the course.


• You can pursue the MBA even while working
• Cuts down on travelling time
• Convenience of studying from home
• Saves additional expenses like accommodation, travelling, eating out
• For those who are in older age group can easily obtain the degree without feeling unfit among young crowd of students.


• There is lack of face to face interaction
• The credibility of online MBA is growing slowly but will take time
• Indian companies still prefer traditional MBA rather than online one.
• Since the course is off campus, networking with fellow professionals is absent.

Choosing an Online MBA program that suits one’s needs and career goal is not easy. So take out time to study each option carefully. Just to get you started in your search colleges like Amity University, Jaipur; Asian Business School, Noida; St. Hopkins College of Management, Bangalore offer online MBA programs in India.