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The role of technology in education is undeniably impressive. It has changed the ways we learn. One of the standout achievements of modern day technology is the online learning. No matter where you stay, one cannot beat the ease and convenience of studying from the comforts of one’s own home. From education to arts to hobbies, this new learning method offers a variety of options for those who want to pursue further education without losing their jobs. This article helps you to understand what is online learning, it benefits as well as drawbacks.

Why Online Learning:-

Online Learning education system is the perfect option for those who are working or are financially not strong and have little time to pursue their educational aspirations. This method offers the perfect platform to learn and earn an educational qualification according to one’s own convenience while working.

Another benefit of this learning method is that it saves you from a lot of financial burden. Moving away to new place requires investment of time and money. Except the tuition fees, you can save money on many things such as meals, travelling, living in a rented accommodation and other miscellaneous stuffs. In certain cases you can even save money on tuition fees, as some colleges are even offering free online courses.

Pros of online learning:-

• Convenience of studying from the convenience of home.
• In addition to curriculum, the students also develop their computer skills, team work skills and even time management skills.
• Learning at one’s own pace.
• You can access study material anywhere and anytime.
• Less costly as the accommodation, travelling and food costs can be cut.

Cons of online learning:-

• Scope for miscommunication.
• Asking doubts and getting it answered can take long time.
• Those how do not have self disciplined can struggle to make the best of this method.
• Human touch missing.

So if you have made up your mind to pursue online learning as your mode of further education, then given below are some of the top online learning universities that offer online learning courses.

University of Mumbai

University of Delhi

Annamalai University

Sikkim Manipal University

Final Word:-

Slowly and steadily the online learning methodology is finally getting its due recognition. The companies understand the role of constantly evolving and learning manpower. This has led to much more acceptance of degrees earned through online learning. Still there is some more time before it completely assimilates into the mainstream job market.